Watch love unfold between a non-verbal child named Knight
and his black lab/retriever puppy sidekick named KITT, who does all the talking.


Meet Knight

Knight is a four-year-old and was diagnosed with autism at age two. He’s a spunky little boy with great hair and a lot on his mind despite the trouble finding words to describe it all in.

With the help of his new therapy pup KITT, the world will watch the love grow between Knight and KITT and witness how a beautiful, intelligent boy and a simple dog can change the stigma of autism.

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KITT is an English Cream Golden Retriever and Black Labrador mix. She’s only 10 weeks old and became Knight’s future therapy dog in March 2017.

KITT is also the voice behind this blog, and with help from mom, KITT helps the world understand what Knight is really trying to say and see how dogs aren’t only pets but lifelong companions.



Knight’s parents met online when his dad happened to be an avid Knight Rider fan…a popular show in the 1980’s starring David Hasselhoff – Dad was such a big fan that his screen name was “Knightrdr82.” So when Knight’s mom was pregnant, she only thought it fitting to name her first born after his father.


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